Assos Equipe RS S9 vyriški šortai / profBlack

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Assos of Switzerland
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Assos Equipe RS S9 vyriški šortai / profBlack

The definitive bib shorts for competitive, committed cyclists from the company that originally defined the racing shorts genre—and continues to lead in driving it forward.

It’s only fitting that the latest generation of ASSOS inserts—the most advanced available from any manufacturer—is partnered with bib shorts completely re-engineered, with no design choice taken for granted or left unquestioned. The resulting bib shorts are atypically advanced—which makes them typically ASSOS. The shorts combine textiles and technology in an interwoven network of wrapping compression, silky comfort, and tensile pre-load to keep everything from the leg panels to the insert securely in place. It’s taken six years of in-house development and testing by WorldTour riders, but the EQUIPE RS S9 Bib Shorts are the definitive statement in cycling shorts from the cycling shorts company.


  • Type.441: A patented 40-guage warp knit, developed specifically for compressive hold and silky comfort. 200g/m2, UPF 50+, moisture wicking (idroFil fastDry), iceColor, odorControl, and extremely durable

  • A-Lock Engineering: S9 racingFit system comprising new textiles and technologies working in harmony to stabilize the shorts and secure the insert in place

  • Butterfly Pattern: The primary textile panel fully wrapping the lower back and legs, coming together in the rear. Fewer seams leads to a more uniform hold, less weight, and greater comfort

  • RollBar: A patented bracing design that mimics a race car’s anti-sway bar by using the bib straps to stabilize the insert and lock it in place as your weight transfers from left to right while cornering

  • ErgoBox: A square pattern construction that effectively frames the insert in the back, boxing it in for added stability

  • Carbon Xbib: A single section of elastic material - folded over on itself - forming a supportive A-frame that delivers limited vertical stretch in the rear. Above the “X” junction, a more flexible material is employed, incorporating an antibacterial carbon weave, to wick moisture and lay flat in the front

  • ZeroWaist: A raw-cut, tape-reinforced edge for the smoothest transition possible between the body and fabric panel. More comfort with less pressure

  • Ultralight Leg Grippers: A light silicon treatment woven into the leg bands, which reduces fabric bulk and secures the shorts in place without any excessive pressure

  • 30% Seam Reduction: Flatter seams throughout, with fewer overall, translates to more comfort and lower overall weight (180g)

  • Equipe RS: The insert of the S9 generation combines expertise, engineering skills, high-quality materials and perfect workmanship. The centre is made of superAir SuperAir microShock foam, a lightweight open cell foam with a shock absorbing composition that returns to its original position, filling the gap every time pedaling position is changed in the saddle through the shift of weight, supported by 3D waffle, a patented, three-layer perforated foam that increases breathability and eliminates excess weight. The patented goldenGate technology interrupts the stitching along both of the insert’s side panels, allowing a more three-dimensional freedom of movement in this sensitive, rotational area. The horizontal stabilizer, a patented central stitch that secures the rear of the insert to the outer textile, eliminates shifting while pedaling. kraterCooler, a system of small holes in the front of the insert, increases the airflow so that your sensitive areas are kept cooler. Mod.Dep S9 Basalt, a antibacterial microfiber booster top sheet, gives the seat pad its color.

  • ASSOS aeroFit: ASSOS' slimmest fit, specially designed for speed and tighter than the racingFit, offering a higher level of compression. Outside the riding position, it may feel restrictive, but it sits like a second skin while riding on a road bike.

  • AEPD (Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design): Stand for the company's know-how, experience and philosophy on how a garment should be tailored to function in the cyclist's position. ASSOS garments are designed to perfectly fit and adhere to the body, in other words, to respect the anatomy of the cycling body. High-tech fabrics are pointless if cut "wrong"!

  • ALS (ASSOS Layering System): Less is more. The entire ASSOS collection is conceptualized around this technology. ASSOS apparel is engineered with minimum volume, taking advantage of the body's natural heating/cooling capacities by insulating intelligently through pro-active layering. Both fabrics and garments have chain functions and are cut to complement each other. Everything fits like a puzzle; technically as well as aesthetically. It is up to each cyclist to follow the climate range guidelines and to experiment with the different ASSOS garments in order to find the perfect personal outfit for each specific riding season.

Material 80% polyamide, 20% elastane

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