Magura HS22 EVO2 hidraulinis V-Brake stabdis Go to product page

Magura HS22 EVO2 hidraulinis V-Brake stabdis
  • Gamintojas: Magura
  • Prekės kodas: 2700845
  • Pristatymas: 5 - 15 d.d.

HS22 - EVO2

Braking performance is the core competence of every HS brake - the 14 mm master cylinder and the 100% reliable MAGURA Royal Blood mineral oil fluid guarantee the powerful braking and optimal modulation under all and any conditions for which MAGURA hydraulic rim brakes have repeatedly and deservedly won top marks in tests. Turbo Pad Adjusters (TPA) make adjusting for pad wear quick and easy, with no tools required.
  • Fully hydraulic Rim Brake
  • Closed system without reservoir
  • Easy to mount with the EVO2 system
  • Carbotecture® master 
Weight: 440 g
Colors: black
Versions: 3-Finger lever blade