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Elite Deboyo gertuvė-termosas 500 ml
  • Gamintojas: ELITE
  • Prekės kodas: 0160102
  • Pristatymas: 5 - 15 d.d.

DEBOYO is a stainless steel thermal bottle designed for competitive sports use.

Perfectly compatible with most bottle cages available on the market.

The external 74 mm diameter of the bottle (similar to traditional bottles) and the modelled upper part of the bottle body (with a smaller diameter) allow for easy insertion/extraction of the bottle cage and a safer and stable transportation of the bottle while cycling.

DEBOYO is a revolutionary bottle: it's the first thermal container for sports competitions made by Vacuum Technology insulation, an innovative technique developed to insulate two systems under different environmental conditions.

It's ideal to always maintain liquids at the right temperature, hot or cold as required.

Its high thermal qualities maintain liquids hot or cold for 12 hours. 

The AISI 304 stainless steel material used by ELITE does not alter the organoleptic features of the liquid, so you can maintain its original taste for longer.

The material used for containers usually alters the sensory characteristics of the liquid it contains, especially with warmer liquids.

DEBOYO offers two solutions in one bottle.

It is possible to use the racing version, ideal for cycling, with soft rubber push-pull cap and protective cover; or the more touring version, with one-piece outdoor steel cap that can be loosened to drink the liquid straight from the bottle body.