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When it comes to commuting, there was only ever one option for Maura.

She didn’t just know what it was until now. 
Her commute has been an eternal struggle – so have socialising, errands, and dates. The reason is that Maura lives in a somewhat isolated village, doesn’t drive, and wants to be ethical. She nods: “That’s exactly it. I had a choice between being the one arriving a little bit sweaty with helmet hair, or the one who had to ask for a lift every time.” Working as a creative means that adventures and nature have always been central to Maura’s inspiration. 

“I’ve become accustomed to getting the best ideas on my bike; I call it adventure-induced inspiration. With the Alpenchallenge AMP Cross I’ve now got extended freedom to explore further afield. It keeps everything fresh, every day, which means I’m able to see more and pick up more ideas on new routes,” Maura concludes, clearly thriving on the new-found independence and amplified cycling endorphins.

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